Helping Humanity with Science and Technology

Saeza Robotics is a research and development startup organization which is engaging to develop product and provide services with immerging technology as artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural network, IoT in embedded environment.
Our mission is to provide system performance as intelligent as human in critical environment.
Our vision is to develop consciousness in artificial system.


Currently we are working in following domains.

  • Industrial automation & Robotics

Control various type of machine motion (Rotational and linear) and image processing-based decision & control by implementing machine learning, PID, Fuzzy Logic, Adaptive Control and Servo mechanism.

  • Medical Domain

Design and develop Laparoscopy LED Light Source, CO2 Insufflator, Electrosurgical Unit, OT Light and Electronic Sphygmomanometer.

  • Industrial Process Monitoring and Control

 Design and develop Temperature controller (ON/OFF, TP Action, PID), Flow monitoring and control, Humidity monitoring and control, Level monitoring and control, Delay ON & delay OFF Timer.

  • Electrical Measuring and Control

Single & 3 phase Voltmeter, Ammeter, Watt meter, Frequency meter, Energy meter, PF meter, Automatic power factor relay controller.

  • Software Solution & Electronics Designs

 We provide software solution for Desktop (Windows and Linux), Android and Embedded platforms (PIC, AVR, NXP, RENESAS, ARM), Schematic design and PCB layout.

with greatest degree of precision and care.


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